Basic Principles of Chartering

New and improved 33rd EDITION

ASBA Certificate Course

The Home Study Course is designed for vessel owners or operators, importers, exporters, agents, brokers or traders who require an overview of the chartering field.  Accountants, lawyers, consultants, and students have traditionally enrolled in the course to aid them in their related work. 

Work at your own pace with feedback from your home study instructor.

Excellent introduction to all aspects of chartering, vessel operations and agency.

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Basic knowledge of commonly used Dry Cargo and Tanker Charter Parties
Ship Brokers - Functions and Tools
Agency/Ship Agency
Voyage Estimating
Laytime Calculation
Legal Concepts for Ship Agency and Chartering
Ships and Cargoes
Freight Derivatives


Those interested or actively involved in the maritime transportation industry.

Those working in operation departments for owners/operators/charterers.

Ship Brokers, Ship Agents or want to be!

  • Excellent introduction to the maritime industry
  • Price point that encourages participation
  • Course materials = Reference tool throughout your maritime career
  • Excellent introduction to the maritime industry

It is the only course of its kind worldwide! It has been enthusiastically endorsed by our past student body as it enters its 33rd edition. The basics of chartering from A to Z are presented in a clear, concise and easy-to-read textbook copyrighted by ASBA.

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