ASBA Announces the Creation of

Association of Ship Brokers and Agents Educational Foundation, Inc.

In 2023, ASBA’s Board of Directors unanimously approved the establishment of the ASBA Educational Foundation, established in memory of longtime ship broker Sven Juul.  The Foundation was initially funded by generous donations from the Juul Family and Jacq. Pierot Jr. & Sons and followed by funding from ASBA and other private benefactors.   

Established as a 501 (c)(3) organization, ASBA Educational Foundations' Mission is to promote and support maritime education and develop maritime professionals through education, scholarships, internships and other associated purposes and activities.  The Board of Directors is comprised of:

                        Patrick Brennan, President

                        Robert Pierot, Vice President

                        David Chenowith, Treasurer and Secretary

                        Jennifer Montgomery, Director

Other non-voting Board members are Kate Torpey (Executive Director) and Rich Reisert (General Counsel).

The dedicated Board has invested a tremendous amount of time and effort, preparing by-laws, Conflict of Interest policies and other legal documents to create the new, not-for-profit Foundation.  With the completion of these formalities, the Board is now focused on the Foundation’s mission and formulating short and long term goals.

These goals may include:

  • financial assistance to students pursing a maritime career;
  • development and support of seminars and courses in maritime studies;
  • partnerships with academic institutions in support of developing a curriculum that addresses the interconnectivity of domestic and international commerce, geopolitics and the business of shipping. 

Watch for more news in the coming months as the Foundation develops its plans to promote maritime learning and student awareness of careers in the shipping business.  As Patrick Brennan noted at ASBA’s Annual General Meeting, your interest and participation in the work of the Foundation is appreciated and opportunities for personal involvement and financial support will be forthcoming.

ASBA is excited to have been the conduit of this charitable initiative and looks forward to seeing it benefit both students and the industry for many years to come.

If you have any questions, please contact Kate Torpey - or 201-569-2882.

IF INTERESTED IN MAKING A DONATION - click this direct link.