Cargo Conference 2022 Welcome!

Jeanne Cardona, Cris Hall and Kate Torpey

Laura Laue and Marygrace Collins

Rolando Solis, Carl Lessau and Santiago Hussey

Patrick Brennan and Paul Schwack

Mark Lincoln, Nicolas Haskell, Martin Meyendorff, Hardik Sanghvi, William Hudson, and Alex Micciantuono

Vincent Pinte and Gabriel Bec

Sunhwi Lee, Jess DiLorenzo, and Salil Chitre

John Hahn and Andrew Quinn

Daniel Willard, Patrick Helgesen, and Lars Paulsen

Tom Roberts, Mira Saarikko, Eric Pierot, and Robert Pierot

Michael Madsen, Milind Trilokekar, and John Konrad

Suzanne Cyr, Anders Mathiesen and Eric Pierot

Fernando Alfonso, Andre Garcia, and Pablo Bettatis

Robert Toups and Lus Fernando Martinez Garcia

David Chenowith, Trevor Jones, and Chris Fasy

Chris Pierot, Mark Lincoln, and Rich Reisert

Evan Efstathiou and Bill Stewart

Horacio Cervantes and Pablo Roche

David Quigley and Axel Ditlev-Simonsen

Marygrace Collins, Jess DiLorenzo, and Nicholas Ball

Roberto Velasco and Alberto Morante

Oscar Galvez, Gonzalo Fernandez, and Jaoquin Perez

Denny Garner and Mike Ogle

Kyle Munson, Jennifer Munson, and Jaokim Bjoern-Hansen

Susanne Ogle, Jeanne Cardona, and Ken Flowers

Charley Davies and Christopher Salmonese

Jeanne Cardona, Gary Vogel, Todd McKenna, and Hans Laue

Jay Schulz, Kyle Mulane, Hardik Sanghvi, and Darren Martin

Richard Griffiths, Aislinn Pitchford, and Ken Flowers

Gudker Jugo, Campo Elias Paez, Mauricio Lopez, and Juan Carlos Charris

Bill Stewart and Todd McKenna

Jennifer Montgomery, Steve Clark, Brendan Collins, Ken Flowers and Declan de Val

Markus Steinegger and Filippos Christos Kapentanopoulos

Denny Garner and Flemming Buhl

Kelle Horn, John Hahn, Ken Flowers, Andrew Quinn, Cate Barber Moran, and Christopher Pokorney

Jason Kelly and Gavin Black

Kevin Collins and Julieta Otoya

Francisco Quiroz, Julieta Otoya, Collin Marks, and Oscar Galvez