2023 ASBA Cup Golf Tournament

FIRST PLACE TEAM - L&R FOURSOME #1 - Brian Ledwith, Nick Puglia, Henry Rich and Rob Beighau

SECOND PLACE TEAM - L&R FOURSOME #2- Michael Smooke, Greg Kurantowicz, Ryan Kelly and Matthew Ciruzzi

THIRD PLACE TEAM - TRIWORLD SHIPPING FOURSOME - Milind Trilokekar, Mohan Muppidi, Jan-Willem van den Dijssel and Christoph Clauss

CLARKSONS FOURSOME - Philipp Bau, Anders Mathiesen, Patrick Noone and James Quigley

HOWE ROBINSON FOURSOME - Jess DiLorenzo, Cate Moran, Rich Reisert and Dylan Reilly

WORLD FUEL FOURSOME - Tina Jacob, Antonia Lycouris, Kevin Kunsch and Kyle Young

MORAN SHIPPING AGENCIES FOURSOME - Bob Ryke, Nikolaos Kontas, Brian Paul Shannon and Alfonso Araos

KPI OCEANCONNECT and WORLDSCALE FOURSOME - Charley Davies, Kevin Kefelsen, Brendan O'Sullivan and Henry Gucker

FORTUNA SEASIDE FOURSOME - Brian Rudolph, Van Alexander, James Buttafuoco and Jessie DeBoer

NORTON LILLY FOURSOME - Mike Ogle, Keith Long, Nicolas Cianci and Joe Arconti

J. LAURITZEN FOURSOME - Christopher Gutierrez, Matthew Furlong, Reilly Cherry and Billy Savage (A.R. SAVAGE)

COMPASS MARITIME FOURSOME - Tom Roberts, Todd Clough, Bob Tangney and Ian Duthie

OCEAN SOLUTIONS FOURSOME - Caleb Dorsey, Kevin Whelan, Chris Schuck, Bill Sullivan

HOST AGENCY FOURSOME - Steve Clark, James Falkenstern and Aki Nishida

PLAZA MARINE FOURSOME - Greg Keuhas, Michael Murray, Mike Diemer and David Peraza (Pacific Basin Shipping)

ADM FOURSOME "Clean Fixed my Slice" - Nolan Barker, Andy Scalesi and Jonatan Canaan

GAC FOURSOME - Jay Schulz, Sean Grant, Bobby Kenney and Maurice Lara

PERACO FOURSOME - NOR-K-ACO - Peter Cassidy, Phil Brock, Karl Schmidt and Chris Pokorney

JOHN F. DILLON FOURSOME - Dave Gilmartin, Joe Kennelly, Jeff Lacasse and Vic Andrade