Business of Shipping II - Charter Party Problems: Practical Solutions

ASBA two-day live Seminar Course, 8:30AM – 4:30PM (Both Days)

This advanced course is open to individuals that have completed ASBA’s Business of Shipping I,  or ASBA’s Shipbroking and Chartered Vessel Operations course (SBCVO) or Home Study Course: Basic Principles of Chartering, or upon application for those with comparable experience.

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  • I will present interesting materials gathered through research, personal experience, as well as many interviews of seasoned chartering and shipping professionals. During the “Intensive II” seminar you will be presented with practical shipping and chartering problems and collectively we will examine profitable commercial solutions. The problems cover various aspects of time and voyage charter party negotiations and operations to include:
  • Time charter party hire and off hire; speed/consumption warranties; trading warranties; bunker quality issues; safe port/safe berth issues; maritime liens arising out of charter parties; bills of lading under charter parties; time charter party duration/overlap/underlap; delivery/redelivery issues; voyage charter party recurring issues; freight and demurrage; detention; commencement of laytime; laytime exceptions; G.A. under the charter, and many others.
  • This course will not cover c/p specific form rather it will be focused on very recent arbitration and court decisions covering both wet and dry market.  Also note that the discussion will also include information that I have obtained from interviews from wet/dry professionals.
  • The problems to be reviewed concern issues germane to both markets that are found in many forms of charter:  safe port, safe berth, laytime/demurrage, etc.
  • By discussing a “problem” within the context of a given c/p form we can establish a dialogue that looks at the same issue in a different c/p with an eye towards understanding c/p language that addresses the issue and best way to protects one’s interest. Prof. Weiss’ intention is to use current decisions as a platform for mastering charter concepts.


The live seminar is 2 full days from 8:30 to 4:30 pm each day with a lunch break. On the first day arrive a few minutes earlier to pick up seminar materials. There will be two sessions each day with questions time.


Jeffrey A. Weiss 

A Professor at the State University of New York, Maritime College and currently teaches courses in the business of shipping, charter parties, maritime law, marine insurance, and international commercial transactions, among others. He has taught similar courses at the United States Merchant Marine Academy at Kings Point and the Webb Institute of Naval Architecture. Professor Weiss has taught courses offered by A.S.B.A. live and via the internet for many years.

Professor Weiss is also an attorney and is admitted to practice law in the State of New York and the United States District Court for the Southern and Eastern Districts of New York.  Many years ago, Professor Weiss served onboard various American merchant ships as a deck officer. He has also worked shoreside in vessel operations.

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