Industry Endorsements

  • Maritime Principals
    Citgo Petroleum Corporation
    CSL Americas
    EVRAZ Inc.
    Koch Supply & Trading LP
    Marathon Petroleum Company LP

    Stena Bulk AB and the Stena Sonangol Suezmax Pool
    Toko Kaiun Kaisan, LTD
    Un-Tankers A/S
  • BIMCO – February 2010
    The Federation of National Associations of Shipbrokers and Agents (FONASBA) has taken a daring initiative towards setting quality standards for ship agents and brokers. The Quality Standard (QS) will serve to assist shipowners and operators in their selection of who is to represent them. This will ensure a specific level of knowledge and experience as well as financial standing of their selected representative.
  • INTERTANKO – November 2017
    INTERTANKO wholeheartedly welcomes the introduction of FONASBA’s QUALITY STANDARD for SHIPBROKERS and AGENTS and is pleased to have contributed in a small way through our participation in FONASBA’S Port Tramp Agency Working Group (PTAWG). We believe that this Standard will provide the basis for a further world-wide quality enhancement of shipbroker and port agency services.

Certification In The Maritime News

  • Maritime Executive - September 2020
    Keeping Ship Agents & Shipbrokers up to Pace
  • Dry Cargo International – February 2017
    Quality Ship Agents – The Cost of Providing Value
  • Dry Cargo International – February 2016
    Agent of Change – Why ship agents are more essential than ever.
  • BIMCO Bulletin – July 2015
    FONASBA Quality Standard – Raising the bar for agents and brokers
  • Dry Cargo International – February 2015
    ASBA’s Landmark Certification Celebrates 10 Years
  • Dry Cargo International – February 2014
    ASBA Quality Standard: Ensuring Quality and Integrity
  • End, February 2010
    Two-and-a-half years after it was first launched, a professional-standards benchmark for ship agent and brokers has won the backing of the world’s biggest shipowners’ association.
  • Fairplay QS, October 2008
    How can a shipowner reassure himself when he places his very expensive vessel and cargo with an agent who is not obliged to prove he is able to handle the business, or, crucially, that he is sufficiently resourced to do so?
  • Intertanko - April 2008
  • DCi Editorial Vet Agents, May 2007
    “Vetting” is the process of examination and evaluation by which one party ascertains the quality of another party writes Jeanne Cardona, Executive Director, Association of Ship Brokers & Agents (USA), Inc.
    Although charterers have been vetting ships for quite some time, the concept has yet to reach the agency industry as a whole. INTERTANKO, in particular, has engaged in many discussions regarding the vetting of agents within this Associate Member Committee over the past couple of years.
  • Baltic Exchange News, March 2006
    The Association of Ship Brokers and Agents (U.S.A.), Inc. agent members raise the bar for agency companies in the US by implementing a certification process that is inteded to assure principals of member agent’s quality and credibility…
  • Lloyd’s List, 2006
    Supporting ships’ agents is all very well, but what about “bad apples” who leave principals in the lurch? The Association of Ship Brokers and Agents has decided to play policeman, imposing tough new guidelines for its agent members. But ASBA wields much more than a big stick.
  • Lloyd’s List, June 2005
    The certification process, which is mandatory for all agent members, is intended to assure existing and prospective shipowner clients of the quality and credibility of the firms in three areas —sound handling of principals’ cash, adequacy of insurance coverage and competence of staff.
  • BIMCO Bulletin, June 2004
    Recent high profile bankruptcies which left millions of dollars of Principals’ funds unaccounted for resulted in [ASBA’s] Agency Affairs Committee determination to provide a vetting mechanism for vessel operators to use to secure professional and trustworthy representation for their vessels calling North America.