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1. Dry Cargo Vessels and Trades

Students will become knowledgeable about dry cargo vessels and the cargos they carry. 

2. Tankers and Tanker Trades

In this part of the course, we learn about tankers and tanker

3. Registry and Flag

A ship that is registered under a nation’s flag becomes subject to the laws of that nation. Choosing one flag over another has consequences impacting taxes, ship finance, maritime safety compliance, crewing and terms of employment, among others.

4.  Classification Societies

Classification societies are independent of the insurance industry and of the government of the nation in which they are located. Whether you work on owner’s side, charterer’s side, or as an intermediary, you need to have a better understanding of the role of class.

5. Bunkers

Fuel oil is a major voyage cost. The price of fuel will vary substantially from port to port as well fuel oil quality can also be an issue. 

6. Sale and Purchase of Vessels

The sale and purchase of a vessel may involve listing the vessel for sale with a broker, negotiating the sales contract, preparing the sales agreement, inspection of the vessel by the buyer or its designee and the payment of funds and the closing of title.

7. The Underlying Trade Transaction

The trade transaction involves a seller and the buyer who must agree on who is to be responsible for the transport, cargo insurance and related costs.  They will utilize standard terms and shipping documents. You will better understand the relationship between the underlying sale and the shipping transaction.  

8. Cargo Considerations

The ocean carrier enjoys generous protections under the maritime law against responsibility for cargo loss or damage no matter the differences between types of trades.

9. Cargo Insurance Basics

Cargo may be lost or damaged while in transit or a general average may arise during the voyage.   Cargo interests need marine cargo insurance to protect against these and other risks.

10. Time Charter Basics

We will examine the time charter party concept and frequent issues that arise out of a time chartered voyage.

11. Voyage Charter Basics

We will examine the voyage charter party concept and frequent issues that arise out of a voyage charter party.      

12.  Demise (Bareboat) Charter Basics

We will discuss bareboat charter party concepts and select issues that might arise out of this form of contract.

13.  Shipbrokers

We will examine the role of the shipbroker, the rich history of ship brokerage, and the high standards expected of those in the ship brokerage profession.

14. Ship’s Agency

Ship's agents play a crucial role in international shipping and trade and represent their principals in the ports of call around the world.

15. Maritime Law Basics

Admiralty, or maritime law, is the result of customary practices, judicial precedent, statutes, and legal practices that govern navigation and maritime commerce. 

16.  More Efficient Dispute Resolution

Shipping transactions often give rise to disputes. Dispute resolution costs time and money and must be managed effectively.

17. The Bill of Lading

Bills of lading is a critical component of the trade transaction that must be understood. We discuss select B/L issues in this part of the course.

18. Hull and Machinery Cover and Markets

A good working knowledge of hull and machinery insurance is essential for ship owners, operators, managers, lenders, and just about everyone else in shipping. 

19. Protection and Indemnity Cover

Protection and Indemnity (P&I) is often underwritten on a mutual basis and subject to sophisticated reinsurance agreements.  We talk about this fascinating aspect of shipping in this part of the course.  

20. Private Regulation – Ethics in Trading

There is a famous expression in shipping: “Our Word Our Bond”. We talk about shipping ethics including the ASBA Code of Ethics. 

21. Cutting Edge Issues in Shipping

We use this part of the course to identify some of the most pressing issues in shipping today. 

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