THANK YOU - Genco Ship Management and Northeast Marine Pilots Assoc.

Jess DiLorenzo, Andrew Baehr and Eileen Molles

Perfect Sailing Weather!

Delicious Treats!

Marie Tierney, Kathy Belizze, Rebecca Semsel and more

The perfect day for sailing.

Ladies a plenty!

Nora Huvane and Julia Hall


Jasmine Alvarado, Linda Larocca and Jess DiLorenzo

Maria Tierney, Kathleen Haines and Jeanne Cardona

Connie Athanasou and Marygrace Collins

Daphne Procopion, Elisa Grevatt, Nora Huvane, Anne Gumpel and Jasmine Alvarado

Jessica DiGiulio and Stella Yiovanakos

Virginia Redstone, Rebecca Semsel, Andrea Baehr and Jasmine Alvarado

Connie Athanasou, Marygrace Collins, Jessica DiGiulio and Stella Yiovanakos